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Fewer and Fewer People Donate Organs

Fewer and Fewer People Donate Organs

Organ donation is an issue that needs to be addressed to all people in all nations. It is a rather controversial issue, but an issue that, if understood correctly, can save many lives. Some strongly claim that in the medical use, organ donation is a very important part. It can save lives for the people who are affected with disease or for those whom only need organ transplant due to the injury or some other causes. According to some statistics, because of there are not enough organs available, plenty of people around the world die everyday. On the other hand, careful consideration leads others to prevent from donating organs because of religious belief, lack of education, and medical illness. First of all, there are widespread of religious belief all over the world from China to United Kingdom and from Canada to Chile. Buddhism, Islam, and Taoism have some kind of belief in afterlife and natural process in birth. As the result, they came up with laws and rules for the deceased. Buddhism, for example, no one is allowed to touch the corpse of the body for several of hours.

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